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Arrival of the transponderkeys has created a huge impediment for thieves and burglars. It runs on the RF ID signal that helps in authentication of the key. Although hackers cannot break-in to the car but if the keys are lost it can prove to be a huge lapse in vehicle security. Dealing with such critical security is essential and that is where our locksmiths are head and shoulders above the rest.

How does it work?

Each key is equipped with a chip that transmits the reply message to the ignition system for authorization. If the signals do not match, the immobilizer kicks in and doesn’t allow the car lifters to start the vehicle. In short, the device has changed the security paradigms in recent years by enhancing the protection of the car.

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Gone are the days when automotive mechanical locks ruled the roost. Burglars usually deployed a hotwiring technique to break open the security system, but not anymore. The transponderkeys of today, work on dynamic authentication, to provide a very high security level to the vehicles. Programming the key is not an easy task because nowadays there are keys that are also manufactured with rolling codes.

Transponder key replacements – why are they expensive?

What would happen if you lose the transponder keys? Immediate answer to the question is to get the replacement but it is easier said than done. In hindsight, buying the keys from the dealer is quite expensive and even creation involves higher costing. The new key with the chip embedded inside should be of exact measurement as specified and the programming must be done right. However in spite of such parameters Avondale Estates GA Locksmith Store can still create it at pretty affordable rates. Also, if you suspect the key to be stolen, we can even reprogram the entire system.

The Auto locksmith for all your transponder key needs!

Avondale Estates GA Locksmith Store has been creating and fixing transponder keys with significant ease for the past 10 years in Avondale Estates, GA. Not only that, we have evolved our own methods to develop the keys that are not only most effective but also the shortest. Whenever you lose the keys, remember to contact the Avondale Estates GA Locksmith Store as we have the talent and the requisite infrastructure to get a new key made.

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